Here I am, feeling badly that I didn’t start blogging sooner than now, that I didn’t write about every single interesting experience from the time we set forth on our 3,500 km trip from central Ontario to northern Mexico in a two-door Honda Accord back in 2007. Imagine the rich digital history I could reflect upon if I had done so! Now all I have is pictures and memories, the latter of which will fade with time; I am almost 40-years-old. My memories of myriad photos will never outlast what old age does to the human mind.

The truth is, I come from a long line of people who feel unworthy, who feel that their mere presence is something to apologize for. The gene for this seems linked with the gene for extreme independence and determination. The stories I could tell about the fierce independence and do-it-yourself attitude of my late maternal grandmother would curl your hair. That lady had grit, but she was also seriously humble. Talking about yourself in a positive light is bragging, plain and simple, and we do not do that. We do not self-congratulate.

So, in the age of content information at one’s fingertips, in the age of 21st century skills and professional learning networks, how do I overcome my fear of bragging and put myself out there as a relevant educator with good ideas? I am doing my best to do it anyway, even though I can still hear my grandmother tsking in my head. Blogging doesn’t come easily; I have a lot to say, but there’s so much that I could say that I don’t, that I should have said before, that it feels too late to bother with now.

Today I read a blog that got me to thinking. I admit I don’t read many; they really have to catch my eye. What if I skipped blogging altogether? What if I went straight to vlogging? In that light, I attempted to spruce up my Youtube account, which has been collecting dust since October 2007. It is such an old account that it predates Google’s takeover of Youtube, as evidenced by the URL it displays. Can I handle that level of pride and publicity given my roots? Only time will tell.

Youtube Channel for Leslie Farooq, July 2015
Youtube Channel for Leslie Farooq, July 2015