I tried a different tech tool for this video. This video demonstrates what Videolicious can do for free. I recorded the entire 1-minute video (an unpaid maximum) on my iPad, all I had to do first was ensure that the pictures I wanted to discuss were on the device. It allows for ten pictures in total.

A complication arose when I tried to upload the video to my Youtube channel directly on the device. Google wanted a two-step verification code linked to a different cell phone number than I currently have available. Two-step verification is very useful as long as you don’t ever change cell phone service providers! I eventually found the video in my Photos app and sent the file to my computer for uploading to Youtube. A slightly annoying detour I can correct for when I am back in Mexico.

The only curiosity was how to actually sign up for a Videolicious account. I tried several different methods, but never figured it out. I have my video as a .mov file, so it doesn’t seem to affect the ability to use this video recording product. Another tool in the toolbox!