We are at that point in time in August when I start to feel continuous butterflies. I have done a lot of reading over the summer, I undertook summer professional development, we have had some time in our classrooms, but still, I feel very underprepared. After eight years of feeling the same, I think it’s probably normal, but I am eager for it to go away. I can’t seem to achieve what I now know to be “flow,” when my stomach feels this way.

We have a lot of new things going on at our school, and I want to try a little of all of them. However, the biggest change I am going to make this year will happen on the first day:

No more assigned seating, no more rows. Instead, the desks are in groups of four, two facing two, and the students are going to be active creators of what we will do for the year. I will introduce some of the new educational practices that I’d like to try, and have them actively engage with the ideas so that we come to a collective agreement as to what we should do and what that might look like. I think some of the butterflies are because I am eager to try it. It’s GO time!

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