I ran a 5K race today. My typical post-race meal is bacon and eggs or sometimes crepes. Today I made crepes and it got me to thinking about how I even know my quick and easy recipe for crepes. My former principal, my pal, the guy who hired me: Jeff Farrington. I was team leader and it was my turn to feed the attendees at the School Improvement Committee meeting one morning when I was still new to the position and four months postpartum. I’ve been making them ever since and they are so easy and so good!

Crepes that I know how to make thanks to my pal, my principal, August 2015
Crepes that I know how to make thanks to my pal, my former principal, August 2015

Jeff Farrington is long gone now, but his legacy remains and for those who have had several principals many have even called him a “once in a lifetime principal.” If this is true (my sample size is rather small), then I must be a very lucky lady. Just over nine years ago he “took a chance on me” as he put it, hiring me straight out of teacher’s college, and the trajectory my life has taken has been exciting, rewarding, and I’ve never looked back. Daniel Pink talks about autonomy, mastery, and purpose, and my time at American School Foundation of Monterrey has given me all three in spades. Thank you, Mr. Farrington, wherever you are!

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