I’ve probably said it at least twice per class every year for the past 8.5 years, “How you look, how you act, and your biochemistry, all of these are dictated by proteins.” This is usually during the high school biology biomolecules unit and before we have even broached the central dogma of biology. In this way I ensure it is addressed again later on when we explore the processes of transcription and translation.

I have no doubt that my familial disinclination to brag or even to discuss ourselves in a positive light is genetic. My maternal grandmother discouraged us from acting proud, my parents have always been very humble, and my aunts and uncles and their offspring are prone to saying, “Oh stop! I didn’t do anything special,” when they are praised for doing something well.

Somehow I met and fell in love with a man of a similar bent; my husband doesn’t brag much either, but he is pretty cool. I have challenged him to take a trip down memory lane to explore if and how his pedagogy has evolved in his time as an educator, and I am doing the same. Our exploration vlogs, one per year of teaching on the international circuit, will be posted at TeamFarooq, our new shared blog site. It is time for us to emerge from our shells and acknowledge our good work as educators; self-promotion and marketing is a unchartered skill we must develop. We have kids to feed!

In the process of digging through old photos and videos I uncovered this gem, borne out of the guilt of going on maternity leave just as the genetics unit was about to kick off in the spring of 2009. If I was a student would I want me as a teacher? If you were a student would you want me as a teacher? I sure hope so! This was my first foray into content creation and technology integration. I left them all for my substitute teacher to play should she have needed the extra content support.