A lot of things have happened since November 7, 2015, when I last posted to this blog. I have been posting edtech tutorial videos in earnest at Leslie Teaches, though I have fallen slightly short of my goal of one how-to video per day for the month of November (or until I run out of things to talk about). I just finished recording Edutorial #12 and today is the 20th, so that’s still a significant effort and I’ve been enjoying doing it.

This past week when I tried to post Edutorial #10 to WordPress I noticed that this blog editing platform had changed, both in appearance and function: I could no longer readily post my YouTube video within the modified platform. After trying several times, I gave up, figuring that my YouTube site itself could become my official site if it came to that…and then I ran into Medium. Medium is slick.

It was at this point that I realized just how many different platforms for broadcasting an individual’s ideas and efforts there really are, with new ones emerging daily. To establish a regular presence and following on all of them would be an exercise in futility. Besides, as a classroom teacher exactly who am I trying to be on social media anyway?

Thus, I have some soul-searching to do because I would prefer to do one or or two things very well over doing several things in a mediocre fashion. I am enjoying vlogging and making tutorial videos, my Youtube site now has a channel for these, so where will I blog if and when I blog? TLDR (read: too long, didn’t read) is a reality these days and I only have seven good digits. The answer to this question remains TBD.