I have always self-identified as a lifelong learner without giving much thought as to its significance beyond “learning for a lifetime.” It is part of the purpose line of my resume/CV, and at one point my educational Twitter bio, @lesliefarooq, contained it. I took a look around on Twitter and found that although many people (mostly educators) also had it in their written bio, there was no chat for it. This seemed strange to me given the plethora of educhats on Twitter. It got me to thinking about trying my skills as a chat moderator, and I registered @LLLchat deciding to give it a go. That was June 2015, and while my heart was in the right place, and I’ve heard it said that “To Sell Is Human,” I didn’t want to put people out by spamming them with invites. Nobody came and the chat was a non-starter. Summer was probably a bad time to start anyway, so I shelved it.

Fast forward to December 2015. My semester is over other than 19 more Biology 12 final exams to grade. The defunct chat got mentioned to a few people in my PLN and they asked why I didn’t give it another try. I thought about it and realized that there is no real reason not to other than fear of failure. I also checked #LLLchat to see that some people had showed up at 7:30 pm CT this past semester and there was nothing there for them. I have never been the type to DNS. So, with a few interesting resources up my sleeve and five questions to start with, I will try it again. The first topic will be in line with the namesake: Lifelong Learning. This time I have spammed a few people with invites, and a few have said they will be there. A newer service called Participate Learning is available, and participants can chat via this service, TweetDeck, or Twitter itself (I am sure there are others). This is the backstory. I am looking forward to the sequel and I hope you are too!

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