I finally got around to trying two new social media platforms today: Periscope and Blab. A helpful comparison of the two platforms can be found here.

Anyone who is in love with their iPhone might be tempted by Periscope. As a devout computer user I find the need for my cell phone to be inconvenient, which probably explains why I only just tried Periscope for the first time today. Will I stick with it? I’m mostly not that interesting when I am out and about and I’m no reporter. I would feel like I’d have to leave my family behind and go off on a safari to find something interesting to show a Periscope audience. I really do need to ditch this perfectionism at some point, I suppose.

What I definitely will do again is Blab. I hosted my very first Blab tonight, and while the turnout wasn’t great, it was sufficient to have an enjoyable conversation. As additional viewers came and went the three of us talked about running and various other topics for nearly 1.5 hours. Blab is so easy to use, whether you are hosting or viewing, and there is no need for advanced planning. Want to talk about something? Search for it in Blab’s index and if it doesn’t already exist, host it. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Now I need more people to know how cool it is so there are more Blab conversations about topics that interest me. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Blab! See you there!

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