I can’t decide.

I’ve spent the past week wondering whether I should amalgamate all of my social media accounts into just one OR if I should diversify even further. There’s an argument to be made either way, and I am one of the best fence sitters I know.

So here I sit.

I made a few more accounts just in case I eventually fall on the side of diversify. I’ve made a game plan of which account I will chose to keep if I fall on the side of simplify. I finally tried Periscope and then got so weirded out by it that I deleted everything. I hosted another Blab for teachers and educators that lasted 35 minutes and was at best a Level 2.

For whom do I do all of this?

I do it for me, and in turn, it becomes for any other learners (especially my students). The more willing I am to try new things, to take risks, to be uncertain, to put myself out there, the better I will be at fostering the same in other learners. The world community does not grow, society does not change, sustainability does not become achievable, if we all only do what is comfortable for us. I am in the position to be awkward and be okay with that, and so I am.

Maybe awkward should have been my #oneword2016?