These will get easier and the fact that I arranged one for the first period of the first day of school and it went fine is a testament to the possibilities that Google Hangouts hold for connecting classrooms.

My Period 1 Biology 12 class had a Google Hangout with a Grade 2 class from Minnesota for the purpose of reading to the Grade 2 students. I was especially excited to have one of my students share her original story that she created during last semester’s Project AMP, our version of Genius Hour (image, below).

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.12.10 PM

This proved popular with the young ones, so we read two more stories, Silly Milly and One Hungry Cat. My students were so polite and well behaved during this interaction, and they reacted very positively to the experience. I am grateful to the students who agreed to be #KoryTellers, the hashtag of the original request for this opportunity. I am also grateful to Ms. Kory Graham for inviting us in to her classroom community. We hope we didn’t disappoint!