When I founded Lifelong Learning Chat (@LLLchat and #LLLchat) and started to run it weekly I really didn’t know what to expect. #LLLchat has run weekly since December 22, 2015, and it has had a guest moderator twice (thanks, @CRHeitz). I have learned a lot more than how to moderate a Twitter chat since then, and what I have learned, in combination with my personal and professional realities, requires a shift in gears. It’s not that I can’t run a weekly Twitter chat, it’s that I don’t want to run one, at least not in its current time slot and/or format.

I don’t love moderating #LLLchat every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm CT and it’s not reasonable to actively seek out guest moderators; they have to want to moderate! #LLLchat partially overlaps with one of my favorite Twitter chats, #totallyrossome with moderator @MrLeBrun, which leaves me choosing between my own chat and a favorite chat every Tuesday. When I first picked the #LLLchat time slot back in June 2015 I didn’t know about #totallyrossome. Believe me, it lives up to its name!

I think #LLLchat has lower participation than it otherwise might due to the 7:30 pm CT start. I did that for the teacher parents with wee ones to put to bed, but honestly, who has a child that goes to bed both early and punctually every night? This time slot turns out to be a bit too early even for me as my children often want just one more bedtime story. I do not want to be the mom who says no to her kids because of a Twitter chat. I already quit World of Warcraft long ago for the very same reason. Kids before digital amusement!

The truth is, lifelong learning, the act of figuring out new things and embracing continuous growth and improvement over one’s lifetime, is something to be celebrated more often than once weekly. My mom and I were talking about how much has changed in her lifespan and almost everything has, especially as it pertains to the use of technology. Are you learning something new every day? If you are an educator you absolutely should be. It is neither fair nor reasonable to ask this of our students if we don’t show them how through our own actions. Model, model, model!

Thus, I would like to reintroduce #LLLchat in a “slow chat” format to share whatever you are learning in the moment you are learning it. Once daily, the @LLLchat handle will send out a prompt tweet to #LLLchat to ask what you are learning about. At that time, or with a different frequency that meets your needs, please share your learning with your #LLLchat PLN. If we all share our learning process in the pursuit of best practices for teaching and learning we can only serve to help each other. Remember: Together, we’re better!

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