I recently blogged about my goal for my students: For each student to develop a professional social media presence in advance of their impending graduation. They have been tweeting out answers to closure questions on Twitter via a class hashtag. They have each created one tutorial video on genetic variation and posted it to Youtube (playlist). Now what?

The other social media accounts we already have set up include blogs and LinkedIn accounts. It’s hard for me to comprehend how I might integrate LinkedIn profile development into a high school biology class, but it could happen. For now, the blog seems like the next step, and I am in the process of formulating a plan.

As a class community we have always been our own audience, so it makes sense to start with each other. I will ask students to watch at least two other student-created genetic variation videos of their choosing. This will add to their knowledge of examples of how genetic variation manifests in species, and what the consequences of a narrow gene pool can be. From there, they can blog about their understanding of the three major topics of this unit (image, below from NGSS), with links to the two videos plus any other sources of inspiration for the conclusions they make in their blog.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.54.54 PM

My ideas go beyond this, but for now my time limits me to either blogging about my plan or actually getting it done. I will always choose getting it done over and above merely talking about it. More to come. Thanks for reading!