1. Watch at least two student genetic variation videos, including a) that of your P1/P4 partnership (see Remind from January 18, 2016 at 3:09 PM); and b) one other video of your choosing.
  2. Leave constructive feedback for each video using Youtube’s “Add a public comment…” field below each video. Provide one positive feedback and one suggestion for improvement in each case.
  3. Reflect on your molecules unit learning and growth (image, below left). What would you like the world to know that you have learned and what you think about it?
  4. Write a blog post (don’t forget the answer garden considerations for P1 and P4) about your learning with hyperlinks to each of the two genetic variation videos you watched as you make reference to the learning you gleaned from within them.
  5. Include one unique graphic that YOU create, providing your audience with a helpful visual and giving your blog visual appeal (image, below right).
  6. Once finished, tweet the link to your blog post to garner a wider audience. Your tweet should contain the following hashtags: #bioASFM, #biology, #genetics and any other relevant tags, space permitting.