One example of where our student social media professional presence work has taken us:


In AP Biology we got back our peer review assessments on the presentation we had done on the immune, nervous, or endocrine system. As stated before, I had done the presentation on the innate immune response. Now based on the feedback, here is what I am most proud with my presentation:

I am proud of the PowerPoint presentation I had created because I am usually the person that includes A LOT of text in presentation. This time, I incorporated more images and reduced the text into short concise points. I also included various images, examples, and basic definitions to make the topic far more understandable. I also spoke accurately and to the point. Based on my peers, I explained the content well and with great flow.

Now, next time, I will work on adding more examples to clarify specific biological terms and connect the ideas I presented with more fluidity. Some peers…

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