ImIntoItI am finally taking the plunge! I am signed up to give my first ever conference presentation at this weekend’s Live Curious, Go Beyond in Monterrey, Mexico. I pitched two different ideas and it turns out I will be giving the same one twice! I took my cue from other creative session titles and called it, “From Zero to Hero: Twitter for Educators.” I’m still learning as I go, but I have engaged with Twitter as an educator in a way that few other teachers in my area have done, so I believe I have something useful to offer.

I won’t know attendance numbers until the presentation starts, so here’s hoping that I have at least one interested audience member per session! If you want to know about my first year as an educator on Twitter you can read about it in two of my previous blog posts (Part 1, Part 2). If you will be attending Live Curious, Go Beyond 2016 and you want to attend something else in the same time slot as my sessions you really could read those two blog posts and be away to the races with Twitter.

My plan is to plan less and plant to do more. I feel the same about slideshow presentations as I do about worksheets: they are where engagement goes to die. I will use Lifelong Learning Chat (#LLLchat) as the session educational chat hashtag. Session attendees will learn how to chat in real time from the safety of sitting in the same room as the chat moderator. Any pre-tweeting doubts can be clarified, face to face. If any of my Twitter PLN educators are interested in following along with the questions all are welcome!

My sessions will run on Friday, February 19 from 9:15 – 10:15 am and again from 1 – 2 pm Central Time.

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