1. Reflect on your learning and growth during the topic of ethology (image, below right). What did you learn? How do you know you have learned it? Why does this learning matter?
  2. Write a blog post about your learning and include hyperlinks to at least two different videos that contain non-human animal group behaviors.
  3. Discuss how the videos provide evidence to support the concepts you have learned in class, including details of both proximate and ultimate causes for each behavior.
  4. Include one unique graphic that YOU create, providing your audience with a helpful visual as to how animal group behaviors support species survival.
  5. Reflect openly on whether and if this topic helped you to understand your own or your friends’ behavior better with at least one concrete example.
  6. Once finished, tweet the link to your blog post to garner a wider audience. Your tweet should contain the following hashtags: #bioASFM, #biology, #ethology and any other relevant tags, space permitting.