The SecretGarden

Start somewhere, so they say, and so I am. I am hoping to ignite conversations about learning using the @LLLchat handle and #LLLchat hashtag. Why? Because our own learning, the learning of educators, is something that should not stop. Further, if reflection is good for student learning, then so too is it good for educators. #LLLchat and its frequenters can be every learner’s authentic audience.

It will not be a traditional Twitter educational chat. I will start it off as a slow Twitter educational chat, the first question being posted at 1 pm ET today. It will be open to everyone and responsive to topic requests. It will grow with us, whomever we may be. My first topic request was for AR or Augmented Reality, and as I only know what it is and not really how it works, that topic is on a back burner for now!

Care to talk about your Summer of 2016, a summer of learning anything you wish? Use the #LLLchat hashtag and let us learn and grow together!