IMG_4256I have absolutely stayed alert at all times, especially since my Pokemon Go app has done more than its fair share of sticking on the loading screen (image, left). I downloaded the app as soon as it became available in Canada, curious about the hype, and I am certain that most of my technological woes stemmed from early server issues as they seem to have cleared now.

PGo_CCWe were in and around Trent University for most of our summer, and as we parted ways with my alma mater we noticed that their official welcome sign had been changed to acknowledge the wealth of Pokemon Go opportunities located on campus. If you are ever there and you are a fan of Pokemon Go you should definitely check it out. If I recall correctly, there were four PokeGyms and enough PokeStops to keep you engaged for a couple hours within a relatively small geographic area. My beloved Champlain College (image, right) had four PokeStops alone, and these were far more plentiful on the east bank of main campus.
Our drive on interstate routes through Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas proved less fruitful, as well they should; you are sure to cause human death if you attempt to drive and play Pokemon Go. As a passenger I had the luxury of poking around on the app during this trip without any danger. As PokeStops are closely associated with cultural, heritage, and tourist sites there were very few along these highways and their associated gas stations. Restaurants sometimes had Pokemon, but rarely PokeStops. Interstate rest stops sometimes had PokeStops, but only one or two.

IMG_4322Now that we are back in Mexico there are some amusing PokeStops, such as the ASF Watertank (image, left), which no longer exists, having been removed without fanfare some time last year. Pokemon Go has some ground truthing to do!

I will continue to play Pokemon Go whenever I go somewhere new with a plan to play the part of a tourist, paying close attention to my surroundings and without any particular rush. I will also continue to make #PokemonIRL cards as the mood strikes me. It seems like a harmless, easy and engaging introduction to the world of augmented reality (AR). Come for the augmentation, stay for the reality! Besides, who doesn’t need a couple dozen Caterpies and Pidgeys?