Sometimes you put something out there and the response is crickets. It happens to everyone, and the cricket responses far outweigh the responses that start like, “Hey, great idea, wow!” I have been working on finding my path. While I strongly believe that my calling is teaching (or mentoring, or guiding, or coaching, or facilitating, or whatever word we are using these days), within this calling there are many facets, many opportunities.

Thus, I have been dabbling away at a few such opportunities, and when I became enamored with Digital Breakouts last spring, I built a few of those as well. They sat there, collecting digital dust, and then today I received the following email:



My reply appears below, and by putting it here I hope to help anyone else who is interested but is just too shy to say. Thanks for reading!

Email Response:

One other BioBreak does exist, it is here and it is harder than the first:
In addition, one of my students built one for her biodiversity passion project last year, but it is next to impossible without hints. It could be good for the students who are fast learners and who like puzzles:
There are many digital breakouts at this website, which is from where I got the idea and learned how to do it. Og’s Great Adventure was the puzzle that got me hooked!
I have also made three more science-related breakouts at a new site that you are welcome to use. They should work the same as the one you already tried, and the two on DNA have been tested and work well. The chemistry breakout (PT for Periodic Table) is as yet untested by the teachers I built it for!
Do you have any topics in mind that you would like me to pursue in my next build phase? I have no current muse, but am open to suggestions.
Thanks for your interest!
Kind regards,
Leslie Farooq