As I continue to find my way around in my new role as an instructional coach, I have become a member of various committees with some of the time I have available now that I’m no longer grading student work. As a member of ASFM Learns’ ePortfolio Project Team I have been exploring my options on various ePortfolio and/or blogging sites other than WordPress (sorry, WordPress).


I am presently back on WordPress because I am truly in love with the theme and layout I chose here (image, above). I used to be able to scroll down and see the theme’s name, but alas, that feature seems to have disappeared (sorry, readers*). As I was reading through some of the finer points of WordPress’s features to see if I can like it even more than I already do I came across a section on a Twitter Timeline Widget. I am giving it a shot here and now, below. I will press publish, and in the words of a favorite colleague, I will “wait and see, just wait and see.

Google Sites has great features for showcasing everything else, but two of their features do not readily work, at least not for me so far. This could be due to the recent change to G Suite and may (read: hopefully will) sort itself out over time. Within the current Google Site format one must use the Announcements page style in order to mimic a blog, but the Subscribe to Posts button does not work. Once clicked it directs to a new tab featuring a page full of senseless code. Enable Comments is a feature toggled on via Page Settings, but you are the only one who can post comments to your own Gmail-based Google Site (top image, below). External guests are shut out even with all of the permissions set properly (bottom image, below). In addition, you practically need a degree in computer science to get the Twitter widget to work on Google Sites.


Wix has great features, or so I’ve been told, but I am thus far nonplussed by it as a result of the set up process; it was overly click-y. It could be that I’m too picky, but it seems less customizable than WordPress, and I don’t want to have to pay for something that WordPress provides for free. What I do like about Wix are the Get in Touch options at the bottom of the page, a vast improvement over what Google Sites permits at present. I have yet to explore these features on WordPress, but each WordPress blog post allows comments, which is also much better than what appears to be possible on Google Sites.

My exploration continues, and if you have specific questions or comments I’d love to read them. Feel free to reach out using Leave A Reply below!

*Edit: I found my blog’s theme. It’s called Suburbia.