It is next to impossible for me to choose only one quote, because so many have resonated with me throughout my time watching them scroll through as memes in social media. The most obvious choice would be the quotes contained within my Twitter header, a header I fashioned in June 2016 when my time was less filled with ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds.’


Bull thistle (Cirsium vulgare) is in flower in June in central Ontario and I captured this shot in an old field adjacent to Lady Eaton College at Trent University. Though its prickly appearance might be intimidating, it has one of the sweetest smelling flowers you will encounter in an old field. This picture paired well with Alder’s quote, and one of my first homemade quote memes was born using Canva.

There has been much discussion surrounding the re-introduction of play as a vehicle for learning. This makes me sorry that the ‘collective we’ must have knowingly taken play away at some point. Dorsey’s quote hit home as we played in the runoff from a rain shower, an introduction to simple physics, though we didn’t name it as such.

This was a big year for super moon events, and I had an opportunity to capture June’s Strawberry Moon from a great vantage point at Trent University. Peale’s quote was an obvious choice to pair with this image, and a reminder that extra effort can reap unexpected and interesting rewards.

I was worried that black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) would not be in flower before we had to leave central Ontario for our return trip to Mexico. A last walk on the trails of the Lady Eaton Drumlin revealed one plant in flower in a particularly sunny spot, and I pondered how long it might take for those in the shade to follow suit. Emerson’s quote matched with this experience on so many levels that I couldn’t resist pairing it with this picture.

Thank you, #12daystwitter challenge, for prompting me to finally do something that I had always planned to do!