Idotmocracy have seen this used a lot recently, especially at the beginning stages of the design process which has been coming to the fore in K12 education. I first learned of it during my teacher training and at that time we called it a “Dotmocracy.” Essentially, permitting individuals to choose a few options from a collection many via their strategic placement of a small amount of dot stickers. During my practicum I put it to work with two groups of Grade 7 students (image, right) and their feedback informed the future direction of the remainder of the unit. As a classroom teacher suffering from a dearth of dot stickers I have put the whiteboard markers to work instead. It worked just as well, and I was able to take pictures to keep a digital record of the feedback. Dotmocracy is a kinesthetic and democratic way to solicit student feedback. Have you tried it? If yes, what were your thoughts? If no, would you consider it?