I have always loved wall calendars, especially any that feature nature photos. At the end of the year a quick trim of the edges renders such photos worthy of lamination for use as classroom decorations. It is for this reason that I have mostly stopped writing on calendars that feature nature photos; the pressure of a pen can leave unsightly marks on such thin paper.

I remember when I would track countdowns to specific dates on such calendars, crossing each day off as it passed. Though I don’t enjoy the idea of wishing the days away, there are times when a calendar countdown can put one’s life into perspective. Today I found myself in want of such a calendar, but I have no office and no wall, so I am out of visible analog options. I went to Google thinking, “If I want to countdown to a specific date, what digital tools are available?” I was sure there would be a Chrome Add-on for this and I was not disappointed.

Now a little icon appears in the top right of my Chrome screen beside the search bar. With one click and no set up I can see how many days in 2017 have transpired and how many more remain from each day over which I hover (image, below). With an intuitive set up I can count down to a date of my choosing and the days remaining stay visible on the icon. The add-on offers primary and secondary countdown date options, but only the primary countdown remains visible on the icon. If you have one or two dates to which you are counting down I recommend it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.23.58 AM