I don’t love stand and deliver lessons, and if you spend any time on social media you know that a lot of teachers feel the same. That being said, sometimes this teaching format is necessary, as was the case for me when I was brought in as an ecological expert for a generation of Grade 3 students. I was not the unit launcher, but nevertheless, I was asked to deliver a presentation that would both address ecology standards and introduce 160 students (80 at a time) to their endangered species research projects.

I have taught Grade 12 students for nine years and I was a university-level teacher’s assistant for four years before this. I did not feel that Grade 3 students were my forte, especially not if they had to listen to me drone on for 20 minutes. I began a quest for introducing excitement into my presentation and that is when I finally put Buncee through its paces. If you haven’t yet tried it and you need to make a new slide deck soon you should consider giving it a shot. See an example in my Grade 3 Ecology presentation here.

Now when I pick up my own children from our elementary campus a whole new generation of students are smiling and waving hello to me! Some even pull me aside to tell me about their trip to one of the natural areas featured in my presentation. Now that’s the type of feedback that keeps teachers going!

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