You never know what the future holds, and so it was as we made our final road trip north from Monterrey, Mexico to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. After ten successful years on the international circuit we had decided to repatriate to be closer to family. I currently ponder my tense usage: ‘had decided.’ In international schools teachers often need to give notice in December for the following school year. We have known for some time that this particular road trip north would be the final one, but we did not know at that time where we might land: British Columbia or Ontario.

Myriad resumes out with few calls back, my husband kept these silent rejections mostly to himself unless I asked. Very few resumes out, with one call back and a second round of interviews, I was both hopeful and excited that we could already have a plan before we even crossed the second border.

On Day 3 of our road trip I got the “thanks, but no thanks” rejection email that my husband had already received from the same school. My hope and excitement dashed, I carried on with the road trip in a somber mood. What would become of two high school teachers repatriating to one of the two provinces within which teachers are least likely to get hired?


Left-Right: (1) The Canadian flag flies proudly at Lock 22, Nassau Mills along the Trent-Severn Waterway. (2) A monarch butterfly settles on a branch in front of me, reminding me of our connections with Mexico. (3) A rainbow ends upon the road before us near Kazbazua, Quebec.