Meanwhile…(continued from Back to Canada, Part 1)

In my daily searches for Canadian teaching job leads I had seen a posting on the CAIS careers website which sounded promising for my husband: Computer Science Teacher|Edtech Integrator. Teaching computers et cetera was what he had been doing for the entire duration of our time in Mexico, and he had just completed his masters in technology integration. It sounded perfect or at least plausible.

The catch? I had never heard of this place and I couldn’t even begin to guess where on the map to begin looking for it. A quick search for it via Google maps left me none-the-wiser; it truly appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. I encouraged him to apply anyway because the interview practice alone would be worthwhile, and the job fit was too good to ignore. I didn’t know if he had taken me seriously and applied for it, I didn’t ask.


As we continued our drive north, with me sullen and quiet from the sting of recent rejection, he checked his email at a gas station and said, “Remember that edtech job in Ontario you told me to apply for? The one in the middle of nowhere? They want an interview!” Our collective mood immediately took a turn for the better, someone in Canada might actually want one of us as a teacher!

We crossed the Ambassador Bridge with renewed hope and the energy that goes along with it. Maybe leaving Mexico wasn’t such a crazy decision! Our home and native land might actually want us back!