I don’t often find myself in need of pre-made Lewis diagrams, but when I do it is usually by the time it is too late to make my own before I need to use them with my students. To Google image search I go, choosing ‘Tools’ and ‘Labeled for Reuse’ to find the selection to lack that specific element of which I am most in need.

Today and with two groups of students out for their annual outtrips, I have taken matters into my own hands and created my own Lewis diagrams via Google Slides. Please feel free to copy or manipulate these Lewis diagrams to suit your own chemistry lesson needs. No one should have to spend so much time searching for images, and worrying about the copyright permissions of, something that is a chemist’s common knowledge! I am only concerned with attribution if you modify and re-share this work online via your own websites and social media accounts.

This Google Slide file will ‘Force Copy.’ Say ‘yes’ to get your own! If you modify and re-share my original work online, please use the same level of sharing permissions as is indicated below via Creative Commons. Thank you!