Cold blue sky over the Perry Building at Rosseau Lake College as fall begins to go the other way. October 2018

A lot has changed since I last blogged here with regularity. I was newly repatriated and new to a private school in Canada and I simply wasn’t feeling brave enough to ‘put to paper’ my thoughts and feelings about those changes. I am still more reserved than I once was, back in the rodeo cowboy days of #CE14 on Twitter and teacher blogging as a new way to share what works (and what doesn’t) in the classroom.

Blogging is taxing to me because I am loathe to click publish until I have ensured perfection in my writing. Ensuring perfection can take absolutely forever, and so by the time publish feels like an option the thing I have blogged about is often old news. I will think, “Too long ago to publish this as current.” I haven’t changed a lot since these feelings started to surface, and I am back to blogging anyway at the behest of Cohort 21.

If you were a fan before and you wish to continue reading what I have to say about teaching and learning, you can find my Cohort 21 blog here: From what I can tell, re-blogging is not an option from the Cohort 21 platform to here or else I would have definitely done that. Thanks for reading. Happy trails!