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ELL, Part 1, Module 2

This module included videos, readings, and my reflective responses regarding how I and my school might prepare for English Language Learners. The pieces of work from this module of which I am most proud include my Newcomer Checklist (image, below) and my Vision and Action Plan.

My Newcomer Checklist is a simple graphic that outlines my ideas regarding what is necessary for a school to have in oder to support the intake of newcomers, including parents who may not speak English. I selected it because it is clean, simple, and visual. I believe a list like this is important for any English as a Second Language program because it can easily be displayed to remind everyone of best practices.

My Vision and Action Plan is a mix of text and graphics that outlines what I would put into place if I was in charge of an English as a Second Language school program. I selected it because it reminds me of my beliefs regarding English language programming and it is a nice summary of the best practices about which I have read during my work in this Additional Qualification course.

ELL Intake Checklist

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