Leslie Farooq

Lifelong learning, one reflection at a time.


Together, observation and data collection make up the third step of the coaching cycle: what useful evidence can you collect during the implementation of your plan? A classroom teacher, especially when in combination with a trusted coach, can gather rich data from which to draw conclusions about the efficacy of the plan. In science this goes by the same name. My masters thesis involved collecting seeds of the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) at different times of the year and exposing them to the same conditions for germination. This data helped me to answer the question outlined in my original plan.

I have yet to gather any data about this ePortfolio, but Wordpress offers site statistics which can easily be compared from both before and after announcing my plan and acting upon it in earnest. I can also ask for feedback from colleagues and online connections (my PLN) after my ePortfolio is well underway.

Up next: Reflect


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