Leslie Farooq

Lifelong learning, one reflection at a time.


Reflection is the fourth (but not final) step of the coaching cycle: now that you have your observations and data, can any meaningful inferences or conclusions be made? How did your plan go? Will your plan be useful in a future year or is revision needed? In science this can be as simple as the realization that there was no effect: a failure to reject your null hypothesis. (Note: A scientist does not rewrite their hypothesis to make it correct). My masters thesis answered this question:

Does the date of seed maturation affect the germination and establishment of seeds of the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)?

SPOILER ALERT: Based on a lot of complicated statistics that I mostly forget, I rejected my null hypothesis, meaning that seeds collected at different times of the year differed in their ability to germinate.

I was able to connect my findings to that of other researchers who had conducted experiments on the common dandelion, thus adding to and enriching the body of ecological knowledge about the species. The possibilities at this point included future experiments for either myself or other researchers who may have launched forth with their own plan based on my findings.

Why do educators get online? Why do educators begin to publish their ideas digitally? To freely share good ideas for teaching and learning? To become reknowned and make money in so doing? A little of each and some other ideas not mentioned here because I’m not overly interested in creating an exhaustive list? I can only reflect now upon why I have waited for so long to be more assertive as an educator who is well versed in the world of social media, but as yet, I do not have enough data to decide whether the creation of this ePortfolio is a good idea. More to come.

Up next: Plan


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